• Julie Selway

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  • "In my heart, I knew that my weight became uncontrollable and I had to react."



In 2006, Julie Selway, a young mother in her thirties, realized she had truly become a prisoner of her routine: "Every morning I went to work, I came home for lunch, I watched television while eating, I drank cups of tea, I ate cookies and watched more TV. Then, I went to get my daughter from school and I started preparing dinner. " Julie was quite aware that her size 48 worried relatives: "My mother always told me I was getting too big." Julie knew that the time for change had come for the well-being of her and her family. "In my heart, I knew that my weight became uncontrollable and I had to react." In October 2007, she passed the doors of her local Curves and her life began to take another turn. To her surprise, Julie discovered she really enjoyed the exercise! Even if the Curves program is designed to deliver results in just 30 minutes, 3 times a week, Julie was so fond of her training sessions she began to go to the gym five times a week. "It was time that I reserved for myself." She quickly noticed the benefits of her new improved fitness: she had lost weight, she didn't have to buy clothes XXL and better yet, she had more energy to run after her little girl! Today slender, in a size 42, she thanks Curves for having helped her to enjoy life again: "Becoming a member of Curves ... has radically changed my lifestyle. " She now enjoys outdoor activities with her family, and is no longer afraid to meet new people. She has more confidence in herself. "I just wanted to say a big thank you."